California Dressage Society Santa Cruz Chapter Standing Rules


  1. The purpose of Santa Cruz CDS Chapter Standing Rules is to supplement the universal set of CDS Chapter By-Laws passed by the CDS Board of Directors on February 17, 2006 to go into effect on March 1, 2006.

  2. As mandated by CDS, no Standing Rule of the Chapter shall contradict or supercede the universal CDS Bylaws implemented on a consistent basis throughout the state by all Chapters.

  3. These Chapter Standing Rules are intended to provide greater detail on how the Santa Cruz Chapter will implement the CDS Bylaws as well as address Chapter governance and operating matters not addressed by the CDS Bylaws.


  1. The Santa Cruz Chapter shall normally have 7 Board positions. If there are insufficient candidates to fill a 7-person Board, the Board will be comprised of those fewer individuals elected by the Chapter membership.

  2. A paper ballot listing each candidate will be mailed to all Santa Cruz CDS Chapter members in good standing.

  3. In order to be included on the ballot, candidates for the Board must demonstrate that they have renewed their CDS membership for the upcoming year before the ballots are printed.

  4. A goal to have balanced representation among Board members shall be announced when the Board nominating process begins. This shall include: members who live in North and South County areas, members who are amateurs as well as professionals, members who participate in different aspects of the sport such as breeders, trainers and riders, and members who are junior as well as senior riders, etc.

  5. To promote continuity in Chapter business, it is desirable but not mandatory that the Chapter Chair be elected from those Board members who have previously served on the Board.


  1. The Chapter Chairperson is responsible for representing the Chapter in person or by proxy at CDS Executive Board and/or other meetings. He/She is responsible for communication with the CDS Executive Board on behalf of the Chapter.

  2. In addition to the responsibilities outlined in X.4 of the Bylaws, the Chapter Secretary shall keep an up-to-date membership roster and set of Chapter Standing Rules.

  3. The Chapter Treasurer shall respond within 3 business days to any Chapter memberís request for Chapter financial information. The Chapter Treasurer shall charge a $25 fee for all returned checks. If the amount owed the Chapter (including the returned check charge) exceeds $250.00, payment shall only be accepted by cashierís check or money order. Chapter members who fail to make good on Chapter debts within 30-days will not be in good standing, and personal checks from this individual may not be accepted for subsequent Chapter activities.


  1. The Board meetings shall (also) be held bi-monthly or an as-needed basis to conduct Chapter business. Special meetings may be called when deemed necessary with reasonable notice by the Chapter Chairperson or any three members of the Board.

  2. Directors and appointed Officers (Secretary and Treasurer if not Board members) are encouraged to attend Chapter as well as Board meetings. Board members or appointed Officers who do not fulfill his/her duties or who miss more than three (3) Board meetings in a single year will be eliminated from the Board.

  3. Replacement Board members to fill any vacancies occurring during the first half of a term year shall be elected by Chapter members using the standard Board election process at the first Chapter meeting following said vacancy. Depending on the situation, the Board may choose to leave a vacancy occurring during the second half of the term year open.

  4. The Board of Directors may conduct business between meetings by email, telephone or mail. Except in exceptional circumstances where a Board member has communicated that he/she is not available, Board members must confirm that they have been contacted in advance regarding a vote being taken outside of regular Board meetings for the outcome of said vote to be binding.


  1. Whenever 51% of the Chapter membership indicates a request to the Board of Directors that any action be taken or that any action being taken be discontinued, then the Board of Directors shall fulfill the request so long as it is not in violation of CDS Bylaws or Chapter Standing Rules.

  2. Majority of membership shall be determined based on a current roster of Chapter members in good standing with CDS as provided by the CDS Central office at the time the Membership Initiative is proposed.


  1. The Chapter Board shall strive to hold at least six Chapter meetings, activities and events each year. These events shall feature educational, social, and/or competitive activities that foster chapter participation and fellowship, and further the purpose of CDS.

  2. There shall be one annual business meeting of the Chapter membership each January. At this meeting, annual reports from the Chapter Chairperson, Treasurer, and Event Coordinators will be provided, either verbally or via hand-outs. These reports shall also be furnished electronically to the Chapter Secretary and Webmaster for inclusion on the Chapter website to facilitate timely communication of chapter business to the membership.

  3. Chapter-sponsored events must be approved in advance by the Board and meet CDS guidelines related to insurance and liability management, judging/scoring, record-keeping, financial management and tax reporting that are appropriate to the event as outlined the CDS Chapter Manual.

  4. The Chapter website, newsletter and member communication policy shall be determined by the Board and reviewed annually. (The current policy is no commercial advertising on the website aside from links to membersí or other dressage-related websites.)


  1. These Standing Rules may be amended by a vote of the Chapter Board. simple majority of the votes cast is required.

  2. Roberts Rules of Order Revised ( shall govern all meetings of the Chapter when not in conflict with CDS By-Laws and/or Chapter Standing Rules.